Wapeach was the first person to post off topic posts, and was the main character of LPTPW. 

Name Wapeach
Sex Female
Species Human, Giant
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Friends Many
Introduced in 2008
Latest appearance 2012, 2013 (Visited)


In the beggining, Wapeach frequently posted "Not for long!", opposing posts like "I win.". 

However, she eventually stopped, after many posts, and started posting off topic. She would usually talk about random happenings during her day, along with Moxie, Betelrama, and Spypire. Eventually though, a new poster appeared, named Yoshifan. He hung out with her along with the others, until Wapeach started using the other posters as dolls. Yoshifan fled to a Mars in an alternate dimension as quickly as he could, using a rocket. Wapeach tried to get there, but it appeared to be no use. However, a new poster appeared, a demon named Kotarō. 

Wapeach asked for his assistance, as he too had a rocket, and even though he denied her request at first, he gave into her will and took her to Mars...