The Originals are the Top 7 posters in the LPTPW thread.

Sadly, only 4 of them(Kotaro, Yoshifan, Spypire and Moxie) still post on this thread. But Betelgeuse makes some rare appearances as well.


1) ☆Kotarō - 15,992 posts

Tumblr mg7t179GLH1rtovpbo1 100

2) yoshifan314 - 11,657 posts

Yoshi sprite v2 by blaze33193-d317hkt

3) Moxie - 10,422 posts

Win 7 vinyl scratch boot logo by capt nemo-d3hjrob

4) ChocolateLuvr - 10,133 posts


5) Wapeach -  7,199 posts

Tumblr mindqgoMsa1rtovpbo1 100

6) ★Spypire - 6,253 posts

Avatar43144 98

7) Betelgeuse - 5,586 posts

Boo Sprite

The post counts to be updated.

Last updated at 3:02 PM GMT on Thursday the 4th of April 2013

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