Avatar55577 12
Name Milo
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Assassin
Friends Yoshifan, Ace Detective, Pokeman, Kotaro(at times), Vader(at times)
Enemies Kotaro(at times), Vader(at times)
Introduced in 2012


After finally finding the Forum Games section, he quickly became accustomed to it and decided to post regularly. Upon finding the thread known as "Last Person to Post Wins", he started out by posting things like "I win" and "you lose", before realizing that there's no winning in LPTPW. He then started to join in on their conversations, and met Yoshifan and KokillueRus (supporting character) and became great friends with them. He would also meet other people, such as Kotaro (who would want his incredible Black Star signature). After FINALLY joining Yoshifan's side after being neutral for two months (outside of Kotaro's mind control), he now fights off evil with Yoshifan and his Yoshi army.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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