Meme War is a form of battling commonly fought on Last Person To Post Wins. Although Meme Wars have been fought throughout 2011, they were shrouded in obscurity. It wasn't until the first Meme War waged between Master Spa and DEG in mid-2012 that the Wars really took off, and once again rised to fame.


A typical Meme War taking place.

However, as of 2013, Meme Wars have started to slip back into decline, despite the best efforts of some well known War wagers.


Whenever someone posts a gif video (usually a quote from a movie, cartoon, or video game) or a picture that represents a meme, a person may decide to quote that message with a similar video or picture. When this happens, a Meme War begins.

The two fighters then battle with dozens of memes posted in rapid succession, the loser being the one who posts a non-meme, posts words with a meme afterwards, reuses a meme, a meme that's out of context (for example, in the image to the right, Fat Mario isn't forgiving Princess Luna for withholding her enthusiasm, which makes sense, but if Fat Mario was replaced with Shadow The Hedgehog saying "Don't touch it!", that poster would lose), or doesn't post for a few minutes, allowing for some meme wars to go on for hours.

No one is allowed to quote either of the combatants except each other. A Meme War can only be waged as a duel.


  • Bookmark any images or videos you think you could use in a Meme War. If you share a computer, save the links in a Notepad file.
  • Always think carefully about the meme you're posting. It might be a bad one.
  • Extremely outdated or no longer funny memes, like Shoop da Whoop, will usually result in everyone laughing at you. Always go for the hip, new memes, or the ones that have still survived.
  • Anything related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is considered a meme(as long as it's G rated), and due to the large number of quotes that are uploaded to YouTube, it is considered one of the best sources for Meme Wars, due to its flexibility
  • Minion memes are an automatic win to the person that sent them due to their random, unfunny nature.
  • Choose your next victim carefully. Some are more experienced then others.
  • There are some people who are known for breaking up Meme Wars. These people must be ignored at all costs. Failure to do so results in an automatic forfeit.