Kotarō is a dog hanyū and the current Demon King. 

He was the main antagonist of the thread during 2011 and the first half of 2012, up until Ryth appeared. He used to be called [SECRET]. He joined the thread back in 2011, where little did he know, would be the destruction of his social life. Since Yoshifan314 sold out his "Good Guy" status to Ryth for armor, Kotarō has became the protagonist for a short period of time. It is currently unknown whether his alingnment is good or evil, as Yoshifan has retired his position at Ryth's side. 

Kotaro r1 copy
Name Kotarō
Sex Male
Age 5000+
Species Wolf Hanyū
Friends Pokeman, Yoshifan (at times), Wapeach (at times), Sypire (at times), Betel (at times), Moxie, Troopah, BKN, Ace Detective, ChocolateLuvr
Enemies Yoshifan (at times), Wapeach (at times), Spypire (at times), Betel (at times), Ranshiin, Gohannahoof, Ryth
Introduced in 2011
Latest appearance 2013


At first he posted there frequently saying things such as "I win." or "Someone lock the thread, because I just won.". Sadly for him, it was a game he could not win.

Later on, he noticed a gigantic girl named Wapeach, who had a strong resemblance to Reimu (from Touhou), who was desperately trying to get to Mars with her broken rocket, as Yoshifan, a Yoshi, who was acting rather rudely to this woman, would not allow her passage to Mars. Wapeach asked if Kotarō could help. He denied her request at first, but in the end, he decided to help Wapeach fight Yoshifan, and build her rocket for a safe passage to Mars. This is where the story began...



Kotarō full-body.

Kotarō is the spitting image of Kotarō Inugami from "Negima!", and, at times, Rin Okumara from "Blue Exorcist". He has dog ears, often mistaken for cat ears, and a bushy tail. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket and white t-shirt. He wears black trousers.


Kotarō's personality varies from month to month. At times, he can be very cruel and psycohotic, and on other times, caring and sincere. However, these personality changes are most likely due to absorbing the souls of countless mortals, altering his mind due to the spiritual energy emmiting from the souls' auras.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportion:  Ability to quickly shift from one spot to another.
  • Imortality: He can live forever, though if someone attampts to kill him with icecream, he dies for at least 5 minutes. 
  • Mind Control: Can control the mind of any living being, except those who have a machine that makes them immune. 
  • Energy Manipulation: Can manipulate energy into a phisical form, for either an attack, or an every day use.
  • Time Manupulation: Ability to either stop time, fast-forward it, rewind it, or travel to a certain point in time.
  • Inhanced Agility: Can run faster than any living mortal. 
  • Strength Manipulation: He can change his strength at will.
  • Limitless Stomach; He can never get full, as he has an unexplanatory void in the center of his stomach.
  • Levitation: Power to fly without wings.

He also has many other abilitites, but none worth mentioning as of this point. 


I'm immortal, Mutant Peach!


I'm gonna eat you!


Don't blame me, blame the Government!


So that's why rainbows and watermelons get on so well!


I'm not evil, I just have a different perspective of things than other people!