Flash™ (formerly Bkn™, originally Bknrules6)
Full Deadpool
Flash™'s Current Avatar
Name Flash™ (formerly Bkn™, originally Bknrules6)
Sex Male
Age 100
Species Human Mutate
Occupation Mercenary
Friends Master Spaz, Ryth, Moxie, DBG, Yoshifan, ChocolateLuvr, Kotaro
Enemies Ryth (at times)
Introduced in I don't know.
Latest appearance 2013


When Flash™ first joined LPTPW, he didn't say things like "I win" or "Close the thread, I won," but "I will take over the world with the power of Luigi!". After realising Luigi is a bit cowardly, he just decided to talk with people there. He soon became friends with Yoshifan314, Kotaro and others. He continued to post there a lot but after a while stopped altogether, but then later started posting again. Now with the new LPTPW thread, he posts there whenever possible, usually talking to Master Spaz.

He's also Deadpool. 

Powers, Abilities, and WeaponsEdit


To be edited.


To be edited.

Ah sh♪t.


Insert text here.

—Insert name here

Insert text here.

—Insert name here


  • His favorite Pokemon is Empoleon.
  • Favorite comic book character is Deadpool.
  • He likes Pandas.

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