Extreme Odie
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Dr. Who! Who?
Name Extreme Odie
Sex Male
Species Timelord
Occupation Time Traveller
Friends Yoshifan, Kotaro
Enemies Vader, Bronies, Daleks
Introduced in 2011
  • Boom!* Woah! Um... Hello! Do you know where I am? What? You want to know who I am?

I'm Odie! I think it's better if someone else describes me, so this will be fairly empty for awhile. Sorry!


-Originally joined, saying some questionable things like, "I win!" or, "You guyz wont win bcuz I am te spammor xD Lolzzz"

-Became smarter, but weirder. People enjoyed it more though.

-Often likes to sing horrid pop music on skype calls.

Please add more to this! Only if you want me to though


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