A neverending game that is really fun! 

I guess I win... 

for now! 

Excerpts from the LPTPW Rulebook:

Rule #123 : Post whatever you want, spam, derp around, host debates on religion and politics...just join the madness! :D

Rule #214 : Meme battles are how arguments are settled around here! Each person posts a meme in response to the previous meme, and the first person to post a bad meme or use text loses! Helpful tip: Bookmark images and videos to use. It saves time. 

Rule #265 : One must not touch the power core. Transforum instability may occur. Excessive exposure to the power core may induce inhuman amounts of derping with the occasional herping.

Rule #321 : Posting "I win" or any not-so-clever variants, such as "i win xD", "winner", "you all lose", etc...is prohibited. Violators will be forced to play Tetris for 4 hours straight. There are no winners in the wonderful world of LPTPW, only losers. 

Rule #356 : If you see anyone spamming My Little Pony images on this thread, immediately post anti-MLP images while flaming anything MLP. It's the only way to keep the balance in the universe! 

Rule #576 : Don't post more than 10 smilies or 3 images/videos per post. Not only will we report it, but you'll be trolled, shamed into deleting it, and forced to listen to Justin Bieber for 20 minutes! Don't break the thread! :p

Rule #823 : Lurking is fine(who doesn't want to spy on this thread?), but only if you're in invisible mode. You'll be mentioned and forced to post if we catch you! >:D